We at ARAD ENERGY, seek to recruit committed and highly qualified individuals who want to be challenged and make a difference.

We search for people who have a passion for learning and a desire to grow, a commitment to excellence, and a joy in discovery and change.

The following provides a general overview of the recruitment process at ARAD ENERGY:
⦁ CV submittal
All CVs for specific job openings must be submitted to ARAD ENERGY online. Candidates should apply to only those positions that fit their educational background and professional experience.

⦁ CV Evaluation
Once a CV is entered into our system, one of our HR Specialists will be notified and will review it. Only those candidates with suitable qualifications will be contacted.

⦁ Screening
If you are identified as a candidate whose qualifications match the position requirements, you will be contacted by a Recruiter or HR Specialist.

⦁ Interviews
The primary purpose of an interview is to assess your ability to perform the functions of the job. The assessment may be on a one-on-one interview, a panel interview, or series of interviews.

⦁ Final Notification
Once a decision has been made by the HR Specialist, all candidates will be notified by e-mail or by phone.