Formulations GIFAB Code

⦁ Granules (GR)
⦁ Wettable Powder (WP)
⦁ Soluble liquid (SL)
⦁ Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)
⦁ Suspension concentrate (SC)
⦁ Soluble powder (SP)
⦁ O/W emulsions (EW)
⦁ Suspoemulsions (SE)
⦁ Micro emulsions (ME)
⦁ Water – dispersible granules (WG)
⦁ Microcapsules (CS)

There are five main types of pesticides to formulate. They may be classified according to their solubility properties:
1- Soluble in water to 30-40% and soluble in solutions.
2- Soluble in water but unstable.
3- Partially soluble in water.
4- Insoluble in water but soluble in oils.
5- Insoluble in all solvents without decomposition.