Shale Inhibitors

When encountering shale during drilling operations, water in the drilling fluid may interact with the clay materials within the formation, causing the shale to swell. This can lead to instability in the wellbore, and dispersion of shale into the drilling fluid (sloughing), eventually leading to hole washout.

Depending on specific needs, ARAD ENERGY has developed a range of shale inhibitors with differing degrees of molecular weight, ionicity, and product forms to cater to different conditions and fluid systems. The products range from hydration inhibitors to multifunctional polymers which give additional viscosity and carrying capacity.

Alternatively, where such viscosity is not desired i.e., in high solids non-dispersed muds or in mud pre-mix concentrates, this effect is minimized but shale inhibition is maintained. This is achieved by controlling polymer molecular weight during the (bead) manufacturing process.
Our products inhibit the shale from hydrating, lower the probability of bit balling, and can provide improved lubricity and friction reduction.