Agrochemical Emulsifiers

As we all know that agrochemical TC grade CAN'T be used directly on plants for protection. High purity can hurt plants greatly. So agrochemicals including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and plant growth regulators are formed into various formulations for end users. The main formulations are as follows:
SL : Soluble concentrate
SC : Suspension concentrate
EC : Emulsifiable concentrate
EW : Emulsion, oil in water
FS : Flowable concentrate for seed treatment
WDG/WG: Water dispersible granule
WP : Wettable powder

We as ARAD ENERGY are manufacturers of agrochemical emulsifiers and Adjuvants, we are strong on formulations such as SL, SC, EC, FS, EW, WDG, WP, etc. Welcome to contact us with any questions.
ARAD ENERGY’s Agrochemical additives include:
⦁ Emulsifiers for emulsifiable concentrates (EC), suspoemulsions (SE), emulsions in water (EW), and microemulsions (ME).
⦁ Wetting Agents and Adjutants for soluble liquid (SL), suspension concentrate (SC), soluble powder (SP), soluble granule (SG), water-dispersible granule (WG), and wettable powder (WP) formulations.
⦁ Dispersants
⦁ AG Solvents
⦁ Dispersants for WP and WG formulations
⦁ Dispersants for aqueous suspension concentrates (SC) and suspoemulsions (SE)
⦁ Dispersants for oil-based suspensions (OD)
⦁ Dispersants for inorganic suspension concentrates (SC)
⦁ Solvent/Co-solvent in emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulations
⦁ Solvent/Co-solvent in microemulsifiable concentrate formulations
⦁ Solvent/Co-solvent in emulsion in water (EW) formulations

Please contact us for suitable product choices and applications.